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Summer Reading List

This summer is a scorcher and this list is equally as hot.  To help distract from the beads of sweat rolling down my back in this summer weather I have compiled a list of must reads.  With everything from mystery to romance there is something for all of my moods. 

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Does It Hurt? - H.D. Carlton

She is a girl on the run. Stealing identities left and right.  Just when her last mark corners her on a boat, a life changing storm changes both of their paths. 

Stranded on an island, Sawyer is unsure which is more dangerous, the man who hates her for the crimes she has committed or the mysterious character in charge of the lighthouse that provides the only shelter on the island.  

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The It Girl - Ruth Ware

When Hannah gets to Oxford, April is the first friend she makes.  Next thing you know she is engulfed in April's friend group.  Within a year April has been murdered and a suspect has been arrested.Years later, a journalist finds Hannah and sheds new light on the closed case causing her to question everything and everyone.


The House Across The Lake - Riley Sager

Casey is a recent widow and without much to fill her time she begins to watch her neighbors through her binoculars.  Tom and Katherine are what seems to be the perfect couple.  And when Casey steps in to save Katherine from drowning on the lake she gets and even closer look into their lives until Katherine ends up missing that is. 

Where The Crawdads Sing - Delia Owens

When a handsome it boy shows up dead, a small town on the outskirts of South Carolina's marsh lands turn their suspicions to "Marsh Girl."  Kya has lived her life on her own in the marsh surrounded by nature.  After years of solitude she has begun to yearn more human connection but she experiences more than she ever expected. 

Becoming Supernatural - Dr. Joe Dispenza

This book keeps showing up on my TikTok so I thought why not.  Looking at the cover I was concerned about the subject matter but I was not even close.  Dr. Dispenza simply aims to change you by changing the way your mind works.  To become an alternative version of oneself without the hinderance of the material. 

It Happened One Summer - Tessa Bailey

After a night that gets out of hand Piper is deemed irresponsible and subsequently is cut off by her stepfather.  Piper and her sister are being sent to Washington to run a dive bar and learn how to be grown ups.  There she meets Brendan.  Yet another man she has to prove to that she is more than a pretty face.  And even though they are total opposites, the attraction is just under the surface.


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