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Kindle Unlimited Reading List

We love Kindle Unlimited don't we?  All you can read for $10 a month. If you love a good spicy romance KU may be just the place for you.  Let's see what the current popular romance list holds in store.

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Things We Never Got Over - Lucy Score

Naomi is running away from her wedding in order to come to her twin sister's rescue.  In return her sister takes the opportunity to make a run for it, stealing Naomi's car, money, and leaving a daughter behind with the assumption that Naomi will care for her niece. Knox is there to witness the train wreck that is Naomi's life but will he stay out of it as usual or will he swoop in?

Does It Hurt? - H.D. Carlton

She is a girl on the run. Stealing identities left and right.  Just when her last mark corners her on a boat, a life changing storm changes both of their paths. 

Stranded on an island, Sawyer is unsure which is more dangerous, the man who hates her for the crimes she has committed or the mysterious character in charge of the lighthouse that provides the only shelter on the island.  

Reminders of Him - Colleen Hoover

After five years in prison Kenna's main objective is to be with her daughter but everyone she left behind are determined to stand in her way.  The only person from her past that is willing to give her a shot is Ledger.  Will their connection help or further ruin everything for Kenna?

Say You Swear - Meagan Brandy

Arianna has fallen for her brother's best friend but is left with a broken heart.  However, one of her brother's teammates has stepped up to make it clear that he wants her. Just starting her freshman year in college and she has unexpectedly ended up smack dab in the middle of a love triangle. 

Twisted Love - Ana Huang

Alex is dark and moody.  He gets stuck with the responsibility of watching his best friend's sister, Ava.  Will her warmth melt his frozen heart?

Flock - Kate Stewart

Cecilia takes a job working for her father in a new town. She meets Sean at her new job she becomes entangled in his friend group discovering all their secrets. 

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