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Favorite Shop Supplies

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Through much trial and error I have come to love my current shop supplies so much so that all I really have to do each month is just hit reorder.  I have been asked quite a few times about my printer or the type of sticker paper I use.  So here is the list of my absolute favorites currently. 

Cricut Explore Air 2

I bought this on a whim when my boyfriend informed me it was on sale and the rest is history.  So I guess this little machine is really what started it all.  We have our ups and downs but for the amount of use I put into my little coral pink cricut I just can't complain. 


I have been asked many times about the printer I use and I would happily scream it from the roof tops.  I have printed multiple pages with tons of color everyday for over a year and haven't run out of ink.  This would be reason enough for my adoration but on top of that the quality is amazing once you have learned which settings work best.  

Sticker Paper (Sticker Sheets)

When I started my shop I tested out quite a few different sticker paper types.  I tried regular matte, glossy matte, and weatherproof matte.  As soon as I saw this weatherproof matte I just could not go back.  I was hooked!  And so were my customers who have messaged me asking for the brand I use.  The color is vibrant, the paper is durable, and it cuts beautifully. 

Vinyl Sticker Paper 

For vinyl stickers I prefer this sticker paper as it is pretty thick, sturdy, and holds ink well.  In addition to this I also use Clear Vinyl

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